I am happy to connect with you through this column. The present crisis has left all of us in a quandary. Several uncertainties, the foremost of which is the reopening of the School, loom large as we carry on with our academic engagements of the first term of the current academic year.

The online education now underway has served its purpose admirably well. From the beginning, it has been our endeavour to see that there is no disruption or loss of academic training. Technology was put to judicious use to form a robust strategy of holding classes online, bolstered up by daily attendance, weekly review of syllabus coverage and periodical tests. The academic staff also showed remarkable resilience and adaptability in adopting this new method and re-aligning the whole process of instruction, making it constructive and engaging. It is satisfying that our endeavours and cadets’ effort have yielded rich results in terms of excellent performance of cadets of classes XII and X in their CBSE exams.

We are anxious to see that this momentum continues unabated. We have also launched a programme of cadets’ talks on important commemorative days of the month in an effort to give all cadets an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and it is satisfying to note the enthusiastic response.

Now that cadets spend considerable time online, there is a concern among us about cadets’ effective engagement with these classes and the benefit they derive from them. Parents do have the onerous responsibility of constantly monitoring their wards’ online activities to see that their engagement with the classes is regular and beneficial and that they do not engage themselves in infructuous activities.

We would also urge cadets to use this period as an opportunity to imbibe skills of digital learning and inculcate the habit of self- study using resources available on NCERT/CBSE websites.

Lt Col Satveer Singh